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Thaer Abdul Karim Jalloud


Personal Information:

Nationality: Palestinian

Date of Birth: Feb 6th, 1980

Place of Birth: Ramallah

Social Status: Single

Education :

  • 2002-2004:  M.B.A, Master in Business Administration, Birzeit University. (Grade/Rank: Very Good).

  • 1997 -2002:  B.Sc., Degree in Civil Engineering, Birzeit University, (Grade/Rank: Very Good).

  • 1995-1997:  General Secondary Education Certificate (Scientific Branch) at Al-Hashimiya Secondary  School (Ramallah).

Major Education Topics:

Management Information System, Statistical and Research Methodology, Financial Management, Human Resources, Marketing Management, Managerial Accounting, Economics, and Business.

Project Management, Hydrology, Sanitary, Structural Analysis, Surveying, Concrete Design, Steel Design, Transportation, Pavement, and Foundation.

Professional experience :

  1. May 2004, working for Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees PARC:

Job Description. Project coordinator, Designer, and Quantity surveying. Responsible for many projects including sewage, water networks, and wastewater treatment plants, in addition to many environmental awareness activities.

  1. June 2003, working part time for The Palestinian center for growth and human development (PCGHD):

Job Description. Constructing a basis of information and representations, and reports as well as making researches about the children and the aged who are in need of the requirements of life.

  1. March 2002, working for RESC “Road and Environment Safety Center”. RESC, Palestinian NGO located at Ramallah:

Job Description. Proposal and report writing, Training and conference management, following up different projects, (i.e. offering help in Functional, Operational, and Financial issues).

  1. Feb 2002, Working for Rokn Al-Amara "Consultants Engineering Co".
    Job Description. Designer, Quantity surveying and Field Supervisor. Responsible for many projects including sewage and water networks. My main tasks vary between:

  • Site Work: Exposing the infrastructure projects in progress, in particular residential and commercial buildings, preparing the site and earthmoving, designing of drainage line systems, quality control, productivity, sequence of operations and cost control. Also quantity surveying.

  • Designer using different programs" EBANET 2000, STAAD, RCD, CB0 and SABLE".

  • Designer for reservoirs, storage tanks, and dams, recharge groundwater wells, open channel.

  1. Aug 2001, Training at Arabtec-Jardaneh/Palestine:

Job Description. Design, Quantity surveying and Supervision at Al Bireh Plaza Mall.

  1. From August 1st until October 1st, during the trainee I was exposed to tendering procedure: Including tenders evaluation, pre tender meetings and preparation of contract documents.

Skills and Other Courses :

  • Proposals writing skills at the AMEDEAST (24 hrs).

  • Course in MS. Word, MS. Excel, MS. Power Point and MS Project.

  • Very good English reading, writing, and speaking skills.

  • Valid driving license.

  • Very good communication skills.

  • Course in AutoCAD and STAAD programs.

  • GIS (Geographic Information System). 30hrs.

  • Good background in computer (Hardware), and other internet, email skills.

References :

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