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Tayssir Muhaisen


Education :

  • Preparing for master in sociology –Bair Zait University.

  • 1989 Master degree in computer engineering.

Professional Experience :

  1. Director of Capacity Building and Advocacy Department in PARC-Gaza.

  2. Coordinator of agricultural extension department, PARC Gaza.

  3. Coordinator of training department, PARC Gaza.

  4. Coordinator of rural women development, PARC Gaza.

  5. Director of middle area, PARC Gaza.

Training Courses and Activities :

  1. Participatory Rapid Appraisal PRA.

  2. Youth Leadership.

  3. Emergency and Crises Management.

  4. Networking and Negotiation Skills.

  5. Participatory Analysis of programs Impacts.

  6. Lopping & Advocacy.

  7. Gender Analyses.

  8. Training of Trainers TOT.

  9. Participatory monitoring and evaluation PM&E.

  10. Poverty Reduction Strategies.

  11. Organizational diagnose and institutional analyses.

Consultant and researcher in the following fields :

  1. Participating in regional & international workshops and conferences through presenting working papers in different development issues.

  2. Translating and editing a set of books, working papers, and research studies in the following fields: capacity building, social protection, rural social movements, sustainable human development…etc.

  3. Implementing a series of researches and working papers:

  • The political parties and NGOs in the Palestinian context.

  • Donors and development in Palestine.

  • Empowerment: context & indicators.

  • Reform & institutionalization in Palestine.

  • Youth Participation.

  • Worked as socioeconomic consultant in waste water treatment planet project in the Middle area ( implemented by the PWA).

  • Member in Steering Committee responsible for issuing annual human development reports in Palestine.

  • Consultant in poverty reduction project in Palestine (implemented by UNDP and Palestinian Ministry of Planning).


Associations Membership :

  1. Member in democratic thought club.

  2. Board member in the institute of development studies-Gaza.



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