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Education :

  • AL ZARQA COLLEGE, AMMAN, Graduated in 1987 Diploma Degree, Computer and Office Practice.

  • Palestinian Counseling Center, Jerusalem, 1990, Diploma in Small projects Management, & Community work skills. (120 hours).

  • TORINO COLLEGE, ITALY, TOT in Micro Finance Management, Diploma Degree, Dec.1999.

  • Modules Management Skills, at Hebrow University in Jerusalem.

Professional Experience :

  1. 2000- Present

Organization: Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees(PARC).

  • Post: Credit & Saving  Desk Officer in Saving and Credit Program.

  • Responsibilities:

  1. Participate in developing the program from the Idea to the Criteria & Procedures.

  2. Hold workshops to clarify the idea of Saving Program for staff.

  3. Following up the Saving associations licenses in all cities in West Bank.

  1. 1989- 2000

Organization: Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC).

Post: Extension Worker at Rural Women Department. Responsibilities:

  1. Follow up and monitoring the entire Women’s Interest Groups in Jerusalem Villages.

  2. Trainer in Food Processing, Communication skills & Community work.

  3. Participating in many Evaluations in Rural Women Department.


Training Courses and Activities :

  • How to Write a Business Plan, Massar Institute, Ramallah, September, 2001.

  • Experience Exchange  in Saving with Moldavia, Training with IFAD, Moldavia, Aug. 2001.

  • Practical Training by IFAD in developing a join project with ANERA “Saving Project Italy, Oct.2001.

  • How to deal with Crisis” Training Course, Palestinian Councelling Center, Jerusalem,(20 hours).

  • Train the Trainers Course in “Training Curriculum Development” ILO, Dec. 1999, Jerusalem.(36 hours).

  • TOT in Training Curriculum Development, April 1999,ILO, ITALY,(30 hours)

  • Participatory Rapid Appraisal  “PRA” Techniques, IDS, May 1998.(40 hours).

  • Training Need Assessment,Continuous Education / BIRZEIT UNIVERSITY,(70 hours).

  • Time Management, Continuous Education / BIRZEIT UNIVERSITY, 1997(15hours).

  •  Train the Trainers Course, in Micro Finance Management,  Continuous Education / BIRZEIT UNIVERSITY, (70 hours).

  • Impact Measurement, PARC, 1999.(15 hours).

  • Gender Training Course, PARC 1997. (24 hours).

  • Training of Advisor in Promoting Women's Entrepreneurship- Business Start Up.

Skills :

  1. Computer: MS word.

  2. English language: Good.


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