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Objective and mission


To secure a position -where experience in human resources, administration will add value- that develop and maintain with a dynamic organization that provide challenges and opportunities for growth enhancement and satisfaction.  Ambitious to apply my skills and abilities in related fields, willing to learn new things and constantly to improve myself for the benefit of the organization; to make me valuable, and useful to myself, family, organization and my nation.




·      Strong human resource background includes staffing, training, payroll, performance appraisal, HRMS Systems.  

·      Skilled in developing departments plans.




·      Sep. 2005 - Oct. 2007 MASTERS in International Cooperation and Development (MICAD) this is a cooperation and partnership program between a group of European Universities and Bethlehem University by a support of a network of Palestinians to achieve Palestinian Sustainable Development.

Courses: Management issues, Human Resource Management, human development issues,   Project management.

My thesis project focused in the field of Human resource management.

“Job stressors”


·      1997 – 2001, An – Najah National University , Nablus – Palestine

            Bachelor Degree in Journalism

            Graduated with a very good assessment, Average: 82.9%.

·      1997,  Beit Lead Secondary School, Beit Lead – Tulkarem - Palestine   

            The General Secondary Educational Certificate (TAWJIHI).






Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC)

PARC is a leading Palestinian NGO working in the field of rural development, environment protection, and women empowerment.



Human resources officer

Headed by director general

Responsibilities & Duties:

1.    Department activities:

§      Working closely with departments, in a consultancy role, assisting line managers to understand and implement administrative policies and procedures.

§      Develop and implement a human resources plan and personnel management policies and procedures.

§      Managing the human resources team.

§      Managing the health insurance.

2.    Responsible  of the  Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Ø     Personnel:

Managing the personnel fling system and the organization’s HR information systems.

Ø     Recruitment & Selection:

Main Activates:

a.    Developing and implementing procedures and polices on staff recruitment. 

b.    Developing job descriptions.

c.    Preparing advertisements.

d.    Coordinating with local job centers, universities and colleges.

e.    Short listing.

f.     Scheduling & organizing interviews.

g.    Interviewing & selecting candidates.

h.    Informing unsuccessful applicants.

i.     Preparing a written employment offers for successful applicants.

j.     Signing contracts with applicants.


Ø     Payroll:

Main Activates:

a.    Administering and supervising daily operations of payroll for approximately 140 employees.

b.    Advising on pay and other remuneration issues, including promotion and benefits.

c.    Negotiating with staff and their representatives on issues relating to pay and conditions.

d.    Preparing monthly salaries reconciliation.

e.    Calculating end of service compensation and benefits details for resigned employees.

f.     Preparing end of service verifying them before sending them to Finance.

g.    Dealing with and responding to enquiries from staff, management, audit and others in an accurate and professional way ensuring confidentiality.

h.    Monitoring documents affecting employee payroll for accuracy and process through the HR system.

Ø     Human Resource Development & Training:

Main Activates:

a.    Ensure that accurate job descriptions are in place.

b.    Conduct and analyze training needs in conjunction with departmental managers.

c.    Developing, with line managers, human resources development and training plans, which consider immediate and long – term staff requirements in terms of skills, knowledge, attitude levels.

d.    Managing and organizing staff training sessions, workshops and activities.

e.    Monitoring training programs.

f.     Preparing requested reports.  

Ø     Projects staffing:

Main Activates:

a.    Managing staff allocation according to specific qualifications, experience and accordingly with their salaries costs.

b.    Preparing all necessary papers such as appointment letters, contracts.   

c.    Preparing donor reports related to human resources section.

d.    Dealing with and responding to enquiries from management, audit and others in an accurate and professional way ensuring confidentiality.

Ø     Attendance:

Main Activates:

a.    Monitoring daily attendance.

b.    Investigate and understand causes for staff absences.

c.    Recommending solutions to resolve chronic attendance difficulties.



Sep. 2004 – Present

Professional IT Services (PITS)

Coordinating & Public Relation Manager

June. 2004 - Sep.  2004

Universal Technical Institute (UTI)

Coordinating & Public Relation Manager


Tasks included:

§      Coordinating training programs.

§      Supervising material designing and training methodology.

§      Handling financial requirements.

§      Preparing financial & technical offers.

§      Managing correspondence.

§      Approaching potential clients.

§      Public Relations.

Dec. 2003 -  June  2004


Administrative & Public Relations Manager

§      Following-up with the employees’ administrative issues.

§      Following-up with marketing campaigns.

§      Coordinating with media, universities and other institutions.


   Aug 2001 Sept. 2002



·      Human Resource Management System

Conducted by Arab Technology System (ATS) through PARC’s project to develop human resource system, 2006.

·      Introduction to Project cycle management( PCM )  and Logical framework

Conducted by Bethlehem University through MICAD Program, 2007.

·      Strategic Planning

Conducted by Ritaj for Managerial Solutions in cooperation with the Association of international development agencies, AIDA, April 2006.

·      Administrative and Financial Reviewing

Held by Palestinian NGO network (PENGO) in Cooperation with Welfare Association and British council 2005.

·      New Techniques In Performance Appraisal

Arab Technology Systems (ATS), 2004.


·      Effective Practices in the Management Of Rural Development Projects/Programs

Held by Birzeit University – NEMTA National Training Unit in Cooperation with the International    Fund For Agriculture Development (IFAD), And Capacity Building International (InWent), 2005.

·      Proposal Writing & Fundraising

General Consulting & Training, 2005.

·      English Language ( Conversation )

Universal Technical Institute (UTI), 2004.





Computer Skills


·    Human Resource Management system (HRMS)

Arab Technology Systems (ATS), 2006.

·    Oracle 9i Discoverer for End users

Arab Technology Systems (ATS), 2006.

·    Microsoft Office Programs & Internet Skills

Universal Technical Institute (UTI), 2004.

·      MS-Project Program

      The Arab European Foundation For Training, Research And Higher Education   (AEF), 2004.

·      Photoshop/ PageMaker/ Win text

An – Najah National University, 2000.  


·      Arabic – native language.

·      English – reading, writing and speaking with proficiency.


·  Editorial staff member in the Sustainable Development Newsletter of PARC.

·  General Assembly Member, Youth Development Association (YDA). 

·  Valid and clean driver's license.