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Muqbel Abu Jaish


Personal Information:

Nationality: Palestinian

Date Of Birth: 1/6/1973

Place of Birth: Beit Dajan

Social Status: Single

Education :

  • B.A. in Agricultural, specializing in Natural Resources.

Professional experience :

  1. From 1/6/1999 until the present President of the Land Development Department in the Agricultural Development Association (PARC).

  2. From 1/11/1996 until 1/6/1999: Field Supervisor for Reclamation and Land Development in the areas of Nablus/ Qalqylia/ Salfit-PARC.

Training Courses and Activities :

  • Several Courses in PRA for need assessments in the rural areas (PARC-Jifna 1997, Al Zebabdah 2000, Ramallah 2002).

  • 2001, course in Proposal and Report Writing –PARC, Al Ram.

  • 2003 course in Proposal and Report Writing, PARC, Ramallah.

  • 1999 course in the area of PME PARC, Ramallah.

  • 1998 training course to identify the needs in rural areas, and Rural Development Project Management in cooperation with the Ministry of Agricultural and the French Consulate for duration of 20 days.

  • 1998 Course on environmental protection in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Agricultural inside the green line.

  • 1997 Training course in Land Surveying for the objective of Agricultural roads and Land Reclamation-PARC/Jifna.

  • 2003 course on preparing training on gender and development-PARC/Al Ram.

  • 2003 course on description and measurement of agricultural roads-PARC in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Labor.

  • 2001 course in the field of measuring and it’s effect on measurement on targeted groups-PARC/Ramallah.

  • 1999, 2001 2 beginning and advanced courses in computer usage.


Current Employment :


President of the Land Development Department in PARC , which includes the following functions:


Participation in planning projects in different stages that include:

  1. Need Assessments.

  2. Project Planning.

  3. Preparing Project Implementation Plans.

  4. Preparing Project Manuals.

  5. Supervising and Following up on the orientation of projects.

  6. Preparation of projects on different reports.

  7. Project Evaluations.

Participations :

  • Preparing procedure manuals for Land development for PARC and issuing these to other active working organizations who work in the same field.

  • Participation in 5 special studies in the organization to determine the need assessments of the rural areas for the purpose of planning integral development projects.

Followed up Projects :

  • Land Development Projects funded by the Japanese, IFAD, and the Al-Aqsa Fund which was administered by the UNDP, and under the supervision of the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture, and implemented by active NGO’s in the agricultural field.

  • Agricultural Roads project included in Integral Agricultural Development Project funded by Al-Aqsa Fund, administered by The Islamic Development Bank, and supervised by the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture.

  • Village Service Program funded by ANERA.

  • Food Security and Creating Job Opportunities Projects from several donors including :

    • Assistance in Achieving Food Security and Creating Job Opportunities Project, funded by the EU.

    • Land Development Projects funded the Welfare Association.

    • Drought Struggling and Creating Job Opportunities funded by ACDI/VOCA.

    • Food Security Projects funded by the government of Holland.

Social Activities :

  1. Member of the Palestinian Society to Protect the Environment.

  2. Member of the Working Committee to defend Land.

  3. Member of the Palestinian Farmer’s Union.

  4. Member in the Youth Development Society.

Languages :

  1. English (Speaking, Writing, and Reading) Good.

  2. Arabic: Mother language.



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