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Exc.MBA, Judeh Jamal

Exc.MBA, Management, evaluation and monitoring of developmental projects. Planning, implementation and coordination between rural civil society stakeholders, governmental and private  sectors. Modelling the decisions on civil society between different sectors, impact of rural developmental projects, Languages: Arabic, English, French and fair in Hebrew. Computer: MS Office, WP, Photoshop, graphic design, and statistical software’s.

Highly motivated , to help the local communities in building their organizations and lobby for their rights and development of the local resources .


Personal Information:

        ·  Date of Birth: March 27th, 1961.

        ·   Marital Status: Married with 3 children.


  1. 2000-2002: Exc.MBA from Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University –USA. International Executive MBA program.

  2. 1993-1994: Ministry of Agriculture –France, one year training on Agricultural policies and rural development.

  3. 1986-1987 University of Wisconsin –Madison & University of California –Riverside, USA Diploma on agricultural extension, soil analysis, planning agricultural extension programs.

  4. 1979-1983 B Sc degree in soils and irrigation from the University of Jordan-Amman –Jordan.

  5. 1968-1979 Tawjihi Examination. Almalik Gazi School –Biddo- Jerusalem.

Professional Experience :

The main overall actions and roles during the last 20 years was the following:

Facilitation, coordination, planning , monitoring and evaluation of the impacts of the projects implemented by developmental institutions on the life of the Palestinian people living in rural areas.

Civil society and community lobbying and advocacy roles are one of my field of preference .The overall supervision of tailored training programs for  women,farmers and newly graduated agronomists.


  • 1985-present:  Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC).  Occupied several posts as follows :

  1. 2005-Present : Deputy General Director of PARC Managing & Supervission :

  • HRD Department.

  • Institutional Capacity Building Department.

  • Lobbying & Advocay Department.

  1. 2000-2004 :

  • Deputy General Director PARC .

  • Director of PNGO( Nominated from PARC as Hosting Organization).

  • CARE (VSP): the project manager of village service program, CARE international, West Bank and Gaza.

  • Director of Training Programs & Centers.

  1. 1994-2000 :

  • Deputy General Director PARC (Public Relation, Fund- Raising).

  • Projcts management , Monitiring and Evaluation .

  1. 1990-1993 :

  • PARC Executive Director ( PARC programs for women, farmers and infrastructure projects for rural areas ).

  1. 1987-1989 :

  • Director of Plant Production and Extension Department-PARC.

  1. 1985-1986 :

  • Agronomist& Extensionsts in the Jordan Valley PARC. Researcher on soils analysis a joint project PARC –Bir Zeit University.

  • 1983-1984 :Running Private farm in Jordan Valley –Jordan.


  • Study on uses of Agricultural by-products with MOA and UNDP, 2000.

  • Study on Agro bio -diversity in West Bank with Global MOA, UNDP, 1999.

  • Study on socio-economic situation of Eastern Slopes of Hebron area with UNDP and MOA, 1998.

  • Applied research on the use of Shash in agriculture – PARC, 1988.

  • Study on Household Economy in the West Bank & Gaza – PARC, 1987.

  • Study on linkages between Research and Extension - University of Wisconsin – Madison, 1986.

  • Study on soil problems in the Jordan Valley – PARC, 1985.


  • Establisher and founder of Jerusalem Center for Human Rights, (JCHR).

  • Board Member of the Arab Center for Agricultural Development (ACAD).

  • Member of PNGO Steering Committee.

  • Member of PNGO Jerusalem Committee, member of Governance Committee-World Bank NGO trust fund –implementing by Welfare Consortium.

  • Member of Agricultural Coordinating Committee.

  • Member of the Union of Agriculture Engineers Association –Jerusalem.

  • Member of the National Committees of Brucellosis.

  • Board Member of Arab Palestinian Company for storage-Gaza.

  • Board member of Early Childhood Resource Center ECRC – Jerusalem.

  • Member in the Good Governance of NGO’s& Participation in Public Policies (BUNIAN II) Frierdrich Naumann Foundation Amman.

  • Establisher and founder of the Palestinian Center for the Independence of Judiciary and Legal profession (MUSAWA) Ramallah.


  • Time Management –TEAM- Ramallah/ April 1996.

  • Strategic Planning –TEAM –Ramallah/July-August 1996.

  • Negotiation Skills-TEAM-Ramallah /February 1997.

  • Speaking and Presentation skills-TEAM-Ramallah/May 1997.

  • Manager Self Development –TEAM-Ramallah /August 1997.

  • Modern Management Styles and Strategies –Harvard University, Peres Center for Peace & the Palestinian Center for Regional Studies /March 1998.

  • Report Writing Skills –Palestinian Center for Crisis Management / June 1998.

  • Conflict Resolution in organizations May 2000.


  • Arabic  -  Fluent.

  • English  -  Fluent.

  • French  -  Fluent.

  • Hebrew  -  Fair.


  • Dr.Ismail Daiq: Director General of PARC - Jerusalem, Palestine.

  • Dr. Lavearn Forest: University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA.

  • Mr. Francis Cremieu Alcan, Ministry of Agriculture – Paris ,France.

  • Mr. Waleed Najjab: Economist & Consultant - Ramallah, Palestine.










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