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Izzat Al Haj Dawoud


Personal Information:

Date of Birth: May 1st, 1963

Place of Birth: Nablus

Nationality: Palestinian

    Marital Status: Married, four children    

Education :

  • 2002:   Master Degree from Birzeit University “Water and Wastewater Treatment and Reuse”.

  • 1983 -1987:  B.Sc., Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt.

  • 1995-1997:  General Secondary Education Certificate (Scientific Branch) in Deit Istya Secondary  School.

Professional Experience :

  1. 2002 - 2005, working for project department in PARC “Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees”.

Job Description. Project Coordinator, designer and supervisor engineer for the Water and Sanitation projects, coordinator for environmental raising awareness projects, Proposal Writing.

  1. 2000 - 2002, Head of Irrigation Section at central office of PARC “Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees”

Job Description. Designer and supervisor engineer for the Water and Sanitation projects, Designer for reservoirs, storage tanks, and dams, recharge groundwater wells, open channel.

  1. 1998- 2000, Director of maintenance workshop of agricultural machineries  owned by PARC at Jericho.

Job Description. Proposal and report writing, Training and conference management, following up different projects, (i.e. offering help in Functional, Operational, and Financial issues.

  1. 1988 - 1998, Working at different Marine Oil Company O&M.

Job Description. Dealing with all kinds of pumps and all kinds if fluids ( Oil, Water fresh and sea water, Sewage pumps, Submersible Pumps for Liquefied Petroleum Gasses ) and Control & Power Generation m/c.


Training Courses and Activities :

  • June –July 2002 Training course at Industrial wastewater treatment & Reuse  Netherlands.

  • Sep 2001 Training course at Project Management .

  • Ultra sonic non destructive test.

  • Different training courses  concerning project management.

  • Irrigation network design & operation.

  • Different courses on Strategic planning.

  • Course in MS. Word, MS. Excel, MS. Power Point and MS Project.

  • Very good English reading, writing, and speaking skills.

  • Valid driving license.

  • Very good communication skills.

  • Good background in computer (Hardware), and other internet, email skills.

Memberships : Member in the Mechanical Engineers Association.

Languages :

  1. Arabic

  2. English

References : Available upon request.


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