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Ibtesam Hassan Salem


Personal Information:

Nationality: Palestinian

Date of Birth: 5/3/1956

Place of Birth: Gaza

Social Status: Married

Driving License: Valid until 2008

Education :

  • The Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Engineering specialized in plant diseases – En shams University, 1979.

  • Diploma in the National Institutions Management, Bir zeit University, 1998.

  • Started the master's degree in administration and development 2000.

Nature of Work :

  1. Working at the Agricultural Relief from 1998 until 2005.

  2. Head of the Environmental Economy Department from 1988 1992.

  3. Head of the Woman Unit in the Gaza Strip from 1988 until 2000.

  4. Managing the woman micro-projects fostering project in the Gaza Strip from 1998 until 2000.

  5. Principal of the training department at the Agricultural Relief and training of agricultural engineers from 1998 until 2000.

  6. Head of Deir El-balah Branch from 2000 until 2002.

  7. Head of the Gaza and the north Branch from 2003 until 2005.

  8. Head of the North and the Middle Branch from 1.6.2005 until now and head of the board of the Cooperative Society for Liability and Saving in the Gaza Strip from 2002 until now.

  9. Member of the Woman Development and Advancement Society in the Gaza Strip.

  10. Member of the general assembly of the Agricultural Relief Committee.

  11. Establishing member of the Cooperative Society for Liability and Saving.

  12. Member of the general assembly of the Arabic Development Center.

  13. A board member of the society of the working Women foe Development in Palestine.

Training Skills :

  • Many courses in food manufacturing with women from 1990 until 2005 in cooperation with the women gatherings and clubs, local institutions, and the Ministry of social affairs.

  • Carrying out many courses on gender in cooperation with local establishments (The woman affairs center, the Ministry of social Affairs) in the rural areas.

  • Carrying out many training courses and workshops concerning gender with the rural women in the Gaza Strip.

  • Carrying out many courses on the rural women micro-projects management.

  • Carrying out many courses in communication skills/ pioneering and leadership/ business administration/ reports writing/ meetings administrations/ time management.

Training Courses and Activities :

  • Woman in the Palestinian national economy, a paper at the IUG conference 1995.

  • Women and human rights conference 1999, Gaza.

  • Woman and development Gaza, 2000.

  • Participated in a series of workshops to modify the law of personal affairs –families’ law in Gaza in cooperation with the legislative council – women department 2002.

  • A training Course on gender and development in 1994 invited by the women affairs center.

  • Women income yielding micro projects course, Jordan 2004.

  • Participated in a training course in Egypt 2003 regarding the cooperative work and the productive businesses related to the liability and saving programs.

  • A course on women leader ship in 1997 Bethlehem, the west bank.

  • Participated on the preparation of researches about early marriage / violence against women in cooperation with many women institutions (women affairs center, the women rights at the human rights center, the legislative council – woman department) from 1990 to 2005.

  • A workshop on woman gender and rights comparison in Jordan in cooperation with the amnesty 2005.

  • A course on diagnosing the fungi diseases in 1995 at the Volcani Center in Israel for 4 months.

  • A course in diagnosing the fungi and bacterial diseases in 1995, Egypt.

  • A training course for agricultural engineers , Gaza 1993.


Personal Skills :

  • Computer skills using many programs and applications.

  • Driving.

  • Skills in training in several fields, such as gender, rural development, communications, fund raising, management of micro and macro projects, feasibility studies, management, pioneering and leadership, cooperative work management, reports writing, meetings administration, time management.

Languages :

  1. English (conversation, writing, and reading) very good.

  2. Arabic, mother tongue (excellent).



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