Gaza, Palestine

Phone 08 2855612                                                             PO Box: 225

Ahmed J. Sourani


Personal Information :

Date of Birth: 31st July 1965

Place of Birth: Gaza

Nationality: Palestinian

Marital Status: Married

Education :

  • June-July.2002: University of The Middle East in cooperation with Castilla La Mancha University, Toledo- Spain Institute of Good Governance, Public Policies and Civil Society. (Institute Certificate).

  • Jan.1998--Dec.1998: Bier-Zeit University, Ramallah, Palestine
    Professional Management of NGOs. (Professional High Diploma Certificate)

  • Oct.1984-- Sept.1989: Islamic University of Gaza .
    Bachelor of Arts, English Literature.

  • Sept.1983: Java Secondary School –Gaza.
    Secondary School Certificate.

Professional Experience :

  1. Jan.2003 till now:  Director of Projects & External Relations Dept. -Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC) -Gaza Strip.

  2. Jan.2000 till December 2002: Branch Executive Director of the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC)- Northern Gaza.

  3. Jan.1996 till Dec..1999: Director of Business Service Center for Women’s Enterprises (BSC), a micro & small business incubator, funded by International Fund For Agricultural Development (IFAD), implemented jointly with AIDOS (an international Italian NGO).

  4. Jan.1989 till Dec.1995: Information Officer of Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC) Gaza Strip.

  5. Member of the editorial board of ‘Maraya’ a Palestinian development newspaper (between 1990-1997).

  6. Coordinator of Block Grant Project implemented by PARC for capacity building of Palestinian rural CBOs in Gaza. A one year project funded by the World Bank.

  7. Coordinator of management board of Small Projects Fund (SPF); A fund for the support of CBOs and civil society initiatives in Gaza Strip.

Consultancy and Training :

  1. Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation system (PME).

  2. Management of Business Incubator for income generating activities.

  3. PRA, needs and assets assessment.

  4. Fundraising.

  5. Good Governance, public policies and civil society.

  6. Responding To Conflict (RTC).

  7. Advocacy & Lobbying.

  8. Local & Regional Networking for Development.

International & Regional Cooperation for Development :

  • Nov.1996, Alexandria, Egypt. IFAD international workshop on behalf of its International Program for Relief & Development-MENA.

  • Nov.1997, Bethlehem, Palestine. IFAD regional workshop for relief and development program In Gaza & Jericho.

  • Nov.1998, Ram Allah, Palestine. IFAD regional workshop for relief and development program in Gaza & Jericho.

  • Building bridges in Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation(PME) Participating in four annual plenary workshops initiated by five ecumenical funding agencies and nine southern development organizations to share and discuss their working PME systems & methods, and to decide upon steps to improve these. This unique north south collaborative project, provided participants with valuable insights into how they could instill a capacity to learn the working practices of their organizations. Generally, the use of simple, systematic procedures can increase the strength of our organizations, the quality of the work, and the communication with and participation of our organizations.

    • Nunspeet, Netherlands, Jan.1996

    • Arusha, Tanzania, Feb.1997

    • Rajendrapur, Bangladesh, March 1998

    • San Pedro Sula, Honduras, April 1999

  • Sept.1998, Gaza – Palestine, Regional workshop about Future of Urban Agriculture in Gaza organized jointly by PARC –Palestine, ETC –Netherlands & IDRC –Canada.

  • February 1999, Rome, 18-19, Bethlehem 2000 International Conference, sponsored by the committee on the exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People.

  • July30 to August 5 2000, Denver, Colorado, The international conference Millennium Connection: Shaping Profound Social Change, organized by the Institute of Cultural Affairs of the United States (ICA- USA).

  • June2005, Noordwijk, Netherlands, Participate in a consultative conference  (organized by Novib- Oxfam Netherlands) with 45 partners from conflict affected regions.

  • Between 1996—2004, Sharing in many developmental activities related to advocacy, public meetings and Cross cultural communications in ; Italy, UK , Spain, France, USA, Netherlands, Egypt, Jordan   and Palestine.

Associations Membership :

  1. Work team leading and joint steering committees for relief & emergency projects.

  2. Very good knowledge and experience in coordination & communication for local, regional & international cooperation for development.

  3. Very Good leasing with many regional and international funding organizations.

  4. Very Good experience in coordinating and participation in some local & regional networks and workshops.

  5. Very good access to many computer programs and Internet.

Languages :

  • Arabic:  mother tongue language.

  • English: excellent command of written and spoken.

  • Hebrew: fair command of written and spoken.

Associations Membership :

  1. Member in democratic thought club.

  2. Board member in the institute of development studies-Gaza.



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