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Personal Information:

Marital Status: Married

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: January 13, 1968

Education :

  • PhD. Plant Physiology : Institute of Genetics & Plant Experimental Biology/ Academy of Sciences / Republic of Uzbekistan 1999.

  • High Diploma Genetics & Plant Breeding : Tashkent State Agricultural University 1995.

  • High School Scientific Term : Tarqumia Secondary School 1986.

  • MASTER DIPLOMA THESIS : “Characteristics of Earlier Somatic Embroygenesis by Intertypes Hybrids of Cotton (Gyssipium hirsutum L.) Depends on timely Subcultivation of Axillary’s Tissues”.

  • PhD THESIS : “Some Particularities of Callus genesis and Morph genesis in Tissue Culture of Some Representatives of Malvacea’s Family, Cotton (Gossipier hirsute L.) And Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.)’’.

Professional Experience :

  • Researcher, Laboratory of Plant Biotechnology, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry/ Tashkent, 1995-1999.

  • Researcher (as Volunteer), National Agriculture Research Center (NARC)/ Palestinian National Authority/ Ministry of Agriculture, Jericho- 1999.

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Production and Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, Hebron University, 1999 - present.

  • Assistant Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, Al – Quds Open – University, 1999 - present.

  • Chairman, Department of Irrigation & Environment, PARC-Hebron Branch, 2001-2002.

  • Manager of Hebron Branch, PARC, 2002 - present.Supervision of tow Graduates students in the Field of Recycling of Waste Water by constructing of 18 one-site treatment plants, Palestinian Polytechnic Collage, Hebron, 2001.

  • Supervision of Graduates in the Field of (Gray Water Treatment, Plant Tissue Culture), Hebron University, 2002.

  • Field Supervision of Construction of Waste Water Units 25 houses in Nuba-Hebron, 2002.

  • Field Supervision of Construction of Biodigester for gas production in Idna-Hebron, 2002.

  • Training Youth Leaders through the National Committee of Summer Camps under the auspice of the Ministry of Sports & Youth in the field of environment, Hebron, 2003.

  • Participation in study plan for Master Degree in Agricultural Faculty/Hebron University, 2001.


Training Courses and Activities :

  1. Plant Physiology.

  2. Plant Breeding.

  3. Plant Tissue Culture.

  4. Principles of Plant Production.

  5. Genetics.

  6. Vegetable Production.

  7. Field Crops Production.

  8. Protected Agriculture.

  9. Seed Production.

  10. Plant Propagation & Nurseries.

  11. Plant Immunity.

  12. Land Reclamation.

  13. Farm Management.

  14. Botany.

  15. Food Security.

  16. Plant & Water Relationship.

  17. Statistics & Experimental Design.

  18. Scientific Research Methods.

  19. Agriculture Geography.

  20. Ecology.

  21. Microbiology.

  22. Plant Hormones.

Giving Training Courses :

  • House Gardening  & Composting.

  • Organic Farming.

  • Natural Farming.

  • Hydroponics Farming.

  • Environment Management.

  • Recycling of Solid & Liquid Waste Products.

  • Project Management.

  • Small Business Management.

  • Scientific Research Methods.

  • Case Study Analysis.

  • Need Assessments.

Other Qualifications :

  • Communication Skills.

  • Capacity Building.

  • Office Management.

  • Crisis Management.

  • Public Relation.

  • Time Management.

  • Human Resources Development.

  • Strategic Planning.

Conferences :

  • The XVIII International Congress of Genetics, Beijing, China, August 10-15, 1998 “Induction of Morph genesis in Cultivation isolated tissues of okra".

  • The Second Republican Colloquium of Uzbekistan / Tashkent, November 1998.

  • The Palestinian Conference on Agricultural Policy and Strategies / Palestine, Hebron / October 1999.

  • The Palestinian Conference on Discussion of Agricultural Law, 2nd Discussion, October 2002.

Memberships :

  1. Member of National Committee of Summer Camps, Ministry of Sports & Youth, Hebron.

  2. Member of Emergency Committee in Hebron Government.

  3. Member of general election committee in Hebron.

  4. Member of   Kharass a corporation association.

  5. Member of trustees council of the Palestinian Committee For Drug Studies.

  6. Member of Hebron Center for studies & Consulting & Public Opinions.

Publications :

  • Abdel-Gani Hamdan: Callusogenesis and Induction of Processes of Morphogenesis in Tissue Culture of Okra Abelmoschus esculentus L. Institute of Genetics and Plant Experimental Biology; Collected of Papers of the Second Republican Colloquium; p155-159 / Tashkent-1998.

  • Abdel-Ghani Hamdan, C.A. Djataev, A.A. Khulmuratov, G.B. Naserova, A.A. Abdukarimov: Obtaining of Morphogenesis Callus Tissue of Okra Abelmoschus esculentus L. Institute of Genetics and Plant Experimental Biology; Reports of Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan; No.4; p40-44 / Tashkent-1998.

  • A.A. Khulmuratov, Abdel-Gani Hamdan, C.A. Djaataev, G.B. Naserova, A.A. Abdukarimov: Regeneration of Plant from Meristems of Okra Abelmoschus esculentus L. Institute of Genetics and Plant Experimental Biology; Reports of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan; No. P22-26 / Tashkent-1998.

Skills :

  1. In vitro Micro propagation Technology of Okra Abelmoschus  esculentus .

  2. Micro propagation of Potato Solanium tuberosum.

  3. Micropropagation of Cotton Gyssipium hirsutum .

  4. Computer Knowledge (Microsoft Word Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Project).

  5. Proposal Writing.

  6. Valid Driving License.

Languages :

  1. Arabic : reading, writing, speaking fluent.

  2. English : reading, writing, speaking good.




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