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Issam M. M. Danadna

Personal information

Name : Issam M. M. Danadna.

Gender : Male.

Date of Birth  : March 3rd 1983.

Place of  Birth : Zatara , Bethlehem , Palestine.

Tel : 2775782.

Social Status : Single.

Personal Email :

Working Email :

Mobile : 0522042301.


2001- General secondary certificate (Tawjihi)-Since stream-,BeitSahoor school ,Bethlehem, Palestine.

2006- B.A in computer system engineering, Palestine Polytechnic University, Hebron, Palestine.

 Professional experience

Train tow months at Beit Jala Vocational Training Center.

Maintenance Network in Beit Jala Vocational Traning center

Training courses

MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineering) from CCS (Computer & Communications Systems), Amman, Jordan.

OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) from CCS, Amman, Jordan.

PHP & MySQL  in Beit Jala Vocational Training Center.

Oracle in Beit Jala Vocational Training Center.

CISCO in Beit Jala Vocational Training Center.

ASP.NET  in Beit Jala Vocational Training Center


Build Intranet ,Internet Application for Bethlehem Municipality  Using PHP & MySQL.


From 15/8/2006 until now working in The Arab Agronomists Association (AAA)/PARC


Work under pressure.

Work as member of working team.

Web designer.

High ability to use computer.

Network Engineer. 

Programming languages

C, C++.

VB3, VB4, VB5, VB6 (Professional).

VB.NET ( Window Application & Web Application–ASP.NET-) Professional.

C# (Window Application &web Application –ASP.NET-) (Professional).

Java (Professional).

SQL (Structured Query Language).

PL/SQL(Procedural Language/SQL).

 Data Base Management systems

Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle.


SPSS ,circuit Maker, Orcade, Dream weaver,3DmaxFlash,JBuilder,JCreater,

Photoshop, Work Bench, Router, simulator.


Arabic : Mother Language.

English : Excellent.

French : Little.

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