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Dr. Abdellatif Mohammed


Personal Information:

Nationality: Palestinian

Date of Birth: 18.11.1950

Place of irth: Yalu - Palestine

    Martial Status: Married and father for 2 children    

Education :

  • Degree Earned: Ph.D. (Hydrogeology).

Title of Thesis: Investigation of Groundwater Resources in the North                       Central   Algerian Sahara

  • Degree Earned: M. Sc. (Geology, option Hydrogeology).

Title of Thesis: Geology and Hydrogeology of the Sedimentary Basin of Blue Nile and its Tributaries between Wad Medani and Abu Huggar

  • 1988: (Comenus University - Bratislava, Czechoslovakia.

  • University Studies: 1969 -1974 Department of Geology, Faculty of Science - University of Khartoum.

  • Degree Earned: B.Sc. (honors) in Geology, Class 2, Division 1

Post Graduate: 1974 - 1977 Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of                                       Khartoum.

  • Secondary Studies: El Hashimiya Secondary School.

Certificate: General Secondary Certificate (1986).

Professional Experience :

  1. From 2004 till now, I am the Director of the Palestinian Fair Trade Department at the Palestinian Agriculture Relief and Committee (PARC)

  2. From 1990 till 2004, I was the director of the Agriculture Marketing Department at PARC.

  3. From 1986 till 1988, I worked in a Private Commercial Company involved in Marketing Sector.

Training Courses and Activities :

  • Marketing Management course for 3 months - at Birzeit University, 1993.

  • Training Course in the Ways of Leading the Sellers Team for 1 month - in Egypt, 1995.

  • Vegetables and Flowers Stock market training course in Netherlands, 1997.

  • Excel Computer course for 3 months, 1998.

  • Be a participant in a lot of local and international workshops and conferences.

Skills and Experience :

  • Experience in Marketing Management for more than 15 years.

  • Strong experience in sales for about 17 years.

  • Strong sense of importing, exporting and shipping and other logistic procedures for 14 years.

  • Strong sense of cooperating with the women productive cooperatives and working team for 14 years.

Languages :

  1. Arabic: Mother Language.

  2. English: Very good Speaking, Reading and Writing.

  3. French: Basics, Understanding.

  4. Hebrew: Basics, very good understanding.



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