Core Values

Transparency, Rights-based justice and non-discriminatory approach, Volunteerism, Recognizing and respecting the others, Renovation and innovation, Loyalty and sense of ownership, Continuous self-learning, Community partnership, Effectiveness and social responsibility


  • Transparency in the provisions of services to beneficiaries, in management of the resources, and in allowing access to information by different stake –holders
  • Rights-based justice and non-discriminatory approach in the provision of services to the end beneficiaries.
  • Volunteerism is a core value upon which PARC was established, and it contributed to its evolution to become one of the leading Palestinian civil society organizations.
  • Recognizing and respecting the others as one of the rules that govern the Palestinian civil society.
  • Renovation and innovation are major values that have characterized PARC in its journey.
  • Loyalty and sense of ownership as two of the most important pillars to ensure PARC‘s developmental and organizational sustainability.
  • Continuous self-learning as an inexhaustible source and a driving force that permitted PARC to reach and maintain this leading position within the Palestinian civil society.
  • Community partnership has been and will remain to be one of the values that govern PARC’s work.
  • Effectiveness and social responsibility in the management of resources and the development of structures and systems.